​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sabrina-Marie is Best Selling Author, a National Award Winning Leadership Expert, Radio Host, Speaker, Coach, Public Relations Consultant, She works with National Institutions that Promote Wellness, Personal Development & Empowerment. She has worked with & shared the stage with U.S. Congressional Members & U.S. Presidential Appointees.

Her clientele include: National Leaders, Corporate Business Executives, Federal Agencies, Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Icons, Entertainers & Professional Athletes.​​​​

She has been featured in television, national print, health & beauty magazines, regarding Health & Wellness.  Her work with Congress members & Presidential Appointees has led to her appearances on consulting panels for the CDC & U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, before  U.S. Congressional Brain Trust Conferences and The White House.

In addition, she is CEO of HEART, Inc., a non-profit organization that promotes excellence & life success principles.  

As an author, she has featured inspirational perspectives in book series "Moments" along with New York Times Best Selling authors Dr. Wayne Dyer & Brian Tracy.

Sabrina-Marie is host of 'Building Abundant Success!! © on iHeart Radio. The popular International Mastermind highlights the Cultural Creative Lifestyle,  Business  & Wealth Principles. The show includes expert Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, Celebrities, New York Times & Wall Street Journal Best -Selling Authors, Entertainers, Rock n Roll Icons, Integrative Health Physicians, Green Energy Pioneers, Tech Innovators, Personal Development Leaders & many more. The radio show series  & live events reach millions  of listeners on Alexa, iHeart Media/Radio,TuneIn Radio, Spotify,  Apple, Google Play &  other Social Media Platforms.



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"Sabrina-Marie's interviewing style really delves into the inspiration of her subject, making the experience very comfortable and having us fully express ourselves as people to her."
Nabate' Isles

Grammy Award Winning Musician

"I am thankful for the interview with Sabrina-Marie. Great show!"

Robert Ferguson MS, CN

CEO of Diet Free Life, 
                  National celebrity nutritionist and fitness specialist

“Wonderful Show!  I appreciate your work. You make me proud of you , Thank You”    


  Cathy Hughes
  Founder and Chairperson of Radio & TV One, Inc.,

“Thank You for having me. I am so excited to see what you are doing to help improve people's lives.” 

     Dani Johnson
    Finance Expert, ABC-TV's "Secret Millionaire"

“Some show hosts are knowledgeable, some warm, some credible, and some fun to listen to. What is extraordinarily unusual is a find all these in the same person. Sabrina- Marie is one of those rare people who keep you entertained, enlightened, and inspired, all at the same time!”

     Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, M. D.
     Best Selling Author & CNN, Oprah, Dr. Oz Show Expert, Martha Stewart Living    author popular free iPhone application  
                             “Natural Cures A-Z"

       "I appreciate the great work you are doing. You demonstrate excellence"

      George C. Fraser  
      CEO FraserNet , Author, Keynote Speaker  
"What a pleasure, It has been a joy talking to you. All the best in your exciting ventures" 

  Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal, M.D.
   World Renown Psychiatrist

New York Times Best Selling book 'Transcendence'   

Contact: SabrinaMarie @SabrinaMarieWi

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Building Abundant Success!!©

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